Re: FurToonia and Sonic

From: Dan Ramos <av643_at_Freenet.HSC.Colorado.EDU>
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 1995 21:56:53 -0700

> Sonic the Hedgehog (tm) FRUIT ROLL UPS (r)

> Sonic the Hedgehog (tm) PIXY STIX (r)

The Sonic the hedgehog (tm) FRUIT ROLL UPS (r) are *REAL* merchandise
(I have several hundred boxes to prove it... <snicker> heh)
The Sonic the Hedgehog (tm) PIXY STIX (r) are made up....I just WISH
they were real products. <smirk> I have this RL addiction to PIXY STIX.
(Anyone who met me in real life at ConFURence 6 knows what I mean)

TTFN, all!
                                        -Dan "Sonic" Ramos

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