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On 19 Feb 95, Fred Sloniker wrote:

>>> If you want to virutally meet, though, there's always
>>> FurToonia (a MUCK); there's a small area there dedicated to Sonic, and
>>> one of the people on our list actually plays him there. (:3

>> I can't speak for anybody else, but I have yet to try any of these
>> places. A friend of mine once tried to get me to explore "The
>> Foothills," but by then the runners of the place required a snail-mail
>> form to join, and I was too lazy. How 'bout posting some info for us
>> interested, such as the telnet address and anything else we need to know
>> to join.

> FurToonia's Telnet address is 8888; the last number is
> important, as it's a port number (saves you having to answer the usual
> intimidating login prompt).

This night I did a brief excursion into FurToonia and really found some
places dedicated to our favourite blue speedster. There is a whole
Knothole Village as well as a part of the Great Forest there. Sonic also
inhabits Room 102 at the UnderGround Apartments.

I'm posting some parts of my logfile to show you what I found:


> 102

Sonic's Game Pad

 Sonic keeps a very simple room here in the Underground Apartments,
since he considers it a temporary location. He has most of his SONIC
the Hedgehog posters rolled up except for a new SONIC the Hedgehog 3
poster which takes up the entire wall opposite to the entrance.
 Sonic has everything in boxes except for his monitor and Sega CD which
are setup right at the base of his bed.

[stuff deleted]

Hallway (Sonic's Room, Sef's Room, Tails' Room and Rotor's Room)

You look around this section of this relatively long hallway and notice
that all the doors down the hallway have a wooden sign with their
resident's name on it. To your west a sign on a door reads "SONIC" and
one on an adjacent door to it another one reads "SEF." To your east
hangs similar signs, one reads "TAILS" and an adjacent door's sign
reads "ROTOR." The hallway continues to the north and a sign over a
doorway to the south says, "KNOTHOLE VILLAGE HUB." You notice that
Sonic's door is unlocked and almost seems inviting.

Directions: N (More hallway) S (Knothole's Hub)
             E (Tails') E2 (Rotor's)
             W (Sonic's) W2 (Sef's)

> e

You walk through the doorway into Tails' Room.

Tails' Room

This room belongs to Miles, better known as Tails. There's a big
beanbag in the corner, and a bag of candy on the desk in the corner.
He has posters all over the walls, including one big one of his pal
Sonic! On the back side of the door is a dartboard with Dr. Robotnik's
picture on it, perforated with little holes. Four darts poke out of it.


> look Tails

This is Miles "Tails" Prower, a Freedom Fighter from the ever-popular "Sonic
The Hedgehog". He is a red fox, about three feet high, with russet-bronze
fur and a white underbelly. In fact, he looks just like a normal red fox
except for the two bushy white-tipped tails straying lazily back and forth
behind him. He is wearing a pair of white gloves and large, red & white
sneakers on his feet. His ears perk up, and he gives you a quirky grin.
Tails loves to help his best friend Sonic by traveling to diffe
rent places on planet Mobius and unroboticizing all it's furries.

Russet Chaos Emerald
He sees you looking at him.

[stuff deleted]

> w

You walk through the doorway into Sonic's Room and look around at the
walls around you plastered with SEGA posters (mostly of Sonic himself).

Sonic's Room

You look around Sonic the Hedgehog's room. On the south wall there
are a slew of Sega posters, most of which are Sonic the hedgehog
and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 posters. There's even a new one of Sonic
the Hedgehog 3 dominating the room's west wall. To the north of
the room there is a bed adorned with Sonic the Hedgehog bed
sheets and a small shelf covered with small pewter statues of
Sonic, Tails, Princess Sally, Antoine and Rotor. The door to
the east is adorned with a giant Princess Sally pin-up Sonic took
from the Sonic the Hedgehog comic (Issue #2, Sept.1993).


> look phantom

The Phantom has dark, seductive eyes. Her soft blonde hair is all one length
and hovers gently at her shoulders. She almost always has a dazzling smile
on her face. As you stare obsessively at her, Phantom gives you one of her
radiant smiles and you notice her glittering sharp fangs..
Phantom is wearing a cute pair of Garfield silk boxer shorts and a matching
Garfield tee-shirt. She has a soft plaid (purple and black and dark green)
Mickey Mouse hat on her head. There is a mischevious little gleam in her
eyes as she gazes intensely at you...

Sonic and Zombies Dolls
Ruffin Silly Putty
Guest1 Rip-Apart Doll
She sees you looking at her.

> look sonic

SONIC the Hedgehog

 | ___------__ | Star of the Sega Genesis game named after him
 | |\__-- /\ _- | and all three sequels, Sega CD games and Game
 | |/ __ - | Gear games as well as an ABC Saturday morning
 | //\ / \ /__ | cartoon and an afternoon series.
 | | o| 0|__ --_ | He stands there confidently postured and
 | \\____-- __ \ ___- | looking directly at you with a very determined
 | (_at_@ __/ / /_ | look in his eyes. He's all blue with a set of
 | -_____--- --_ | large spikey quills running down his head and
 | // \ \\ ___- | back. He has a round tan belly, tan arms,
 | //|\__/ \\ \ | tan muzzle with a huge smirk and a really neat
 | \_-\_____/ \-\ | pair of sneakers wrapped decoratively by solid
 | // \\--\| | white and wearing a pair of white gloves.
 | ____// ||_ |
 | /_____\ /___\ |

Super-Dave Gym Official Membership Card
Medusa Bug
Sonic the Hedgehog (tm) FRUIT ROLL UPS (r)
Sonic the Hedgehog (tm) PIXY STIX (r)
Ring of Sarcasm
Green Chaos Emerald
Power Ring
Grey Chaos Emerald
He sees you looking at him.

[stuff deleted]

Hallway (Knuckles' Room and Julia's Room)

Looking around this section of the hallway, you notice a wooden sign on
each door to the east and west, the one to the east reads, "VACANT" and
the one to the west reads, "VACANT." There appears to be a door set on
the ground with the name "KNUCKLES" engraved on it, and a hatch in the
ceiling with the name "JULIA" engraved in the wood. The hallway extends
further north and south.

Directions: N (More hallway) S (More hallway)
             D (Knuckles') U (Julia's)

> d

Knuckles' Room

You see nothing special.


> look knuckles

This mistic loooking creature has a purpleish colored skin. He has no kind
of hair on top of hus head at all, however extentions of his skin comes down
his the side of his head looking like dreds. Each hand has has a pair of
spikes that protrudes from the knucks. A pair of nikes is all what he is
wearing at the present time.

Super-Dave Gym Official Membership Card
He sees you looking at him.


This place is definitely worth a closer look. Come and check it out for

Best wishes

You get what anyone gets. You get a lifetime.

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