Re: The Bad News _or_ What of the future?

From: Dan Drazen <>
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 1995 22:53:40 -0500 (EST)

> [News of the Sat AM Sonic's cancellation deleted]
> Does anyone know what the last day will be? I guess I'll have to tape
> 'em while I still can.

Unless ABC has become totally irresponsible (they ARE running a "Dumb &
Dumber" cartoon on Sat AMs next season, which is irresponsible enough),
the, SERIES finale, "The Doomsday Project" will run this
weekend -- CYLL.

> As usual, I didn't get in on it until the end. I only started watching
> 9/94, and I missed more than a few episodes by shutting down all my
> audio, video, and computer equipment in advance of thunderstorms. But I
> did get all the non-"Adventures" video cassettes.

I suppose this means we'll only have the comix to discuss. Just as
well; in the last few months, they've taken a turn for the better
themselves, away from the slapstick flavor of the syndicated series.
I'm pretty sure this group will survive.

Besides, now that the animated "canon" is officially closed (at least
until the release of a motion picture...hope, hope), that makes my job
as keeped of the FAQ File a little easier.

Daniel J. Drazen
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