The Bad News _or_ What of the future?

From: Jeffrey Pegnato <>
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 1995 17:25:57 +0500

>I checked rec.arts.animation earlier today, and according to one post it
>appears that ABC has dropped Sonic from its Sat AM schedule.
[moment of silence deleted]
>Daniel J. Drazen
>Feb 27: Only 5 more shopping days 'til Doomsday
What does this mean?^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Well, this is by far the worst news I've recieved in a VERY long time...
But with disappointment comes hope. Who knows? maybe a movie will someday
be made...

Until then, we (the net freedom fighters) can continue to argue over the
lame points of plot, species, and continuity only to ultimatly realize we
are in fact argueing a hopeless battle that no one can prove or win... (ref:
the 1st 150 posts)
(I was really looking forward to find out if any of my ideas about the show
were right)

Needless to say, I'm rather disheartened over this bit of news (I think the
moment of silence should have been MUCH longer, Dan) ;)

Also, now that the show is "offically" cancelled, think a discussion of the
last ep.,
"Doomsday Project" is in order...For instance, even though we witnessed
entire compound be demolished, we know little of what happened to him, and
more importantly, none of what happened to the 90% of Mobius that wuz
The end of the story left so many open ends, it really is pathetic. The
King is still in the Void, The world is still very much in ruin, and
Snively's companion is yet to be identified. (there are many more unexpained
things from the many eps. of Sonic, but you get the idea)

     Oh well, I guess I saw it coming anyway. After being moved back in the
time slot and seeing what little support there is on the 'net for the show,
the only thing
that seemed hopefull was the HUGE open end of the last episode. But since
it is NOT being renewed, I'm sure the writers feel sorry they didn't
tighten things up a bit.
(A "Blast to the future" ep. would have been PERFECT!)

Hope most of this post made sense - and even more importantly - Hope
everyone enjoyed the show while it lasted!

Jeffrey Pegnato

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