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Date: 26 Feb 1995 18:40:00 +0100

On 26 Feb 95, Fred Sloniker wrote:

> > In later issues of the Archie comic Sonic & Tails _also_ have five
> > fingers (although they should have only four according to the cartoon).

> After I posted that message, I had a thought and checked the game
> covers. Indeed, Sonic, Tails and the rest have four fingers and a thumb
> on each hand. The problem with the hands in the Fleetway comic, upon
> further reflection, is that they look too much like human hands wearing
> toon gloves; the fingers are too long and thin.

I don't want to harp upon this, but have you checked Sonic's and Tail's
hands in the Archie comic? Gloves eighter far too large or too small,
fingers slim like toothpicks... in the Fleetway comic the sizes at least
fit together.

> > But don't forget that the _important_ characters (Sonic / Tails /
> > Knuckles) look like they should (IMHO) and not like Archie is doing them
> > with too thick arms, too small heads, Knuckles without the 'special'
> > smile we know from the posters etc.

> (nods) Yeah, they do look a bit better, though a little too 'realistic'
> for my tastes. And Sonic frowns too much; at worst, he should smirk. (:3

Only _a bit_ better?? Ok, I guess everyone here already knows that I am
not satisfied with the current drawing style used in the Archie comic. But
do you really think the Archie Sonic looks cool? Just take a Sonic picture
from the SatAM cartoon and compare it to one you find in the Archie

Sonic frowns because the original designers wanted to give him a look that
would be accepted by kids as well as an older audience. He does smirk a
lot in the Fleetway comic, but he also keeps a straight face to show that
he will do whatever is necessary to win.

> > Archie does the same although _their_ stories have open endings and _no_
> > real plot at all (look at the ripoff of 'Sonic Spinball' in issue #6 or
> > 'S&K' in issue #13).

> Nowhere in my message did I say I thought the Fleetway comic was worse
> than the Archie one. (:3

I just wanted to mention it because Archie could do _a lot_ better when
writing their stories (if they would leave out all the slapstick, for

> Wierd thought #73: who decided to give Robotnik a pointy head in the
> comics and cartoons? His head is clearly round as a cue ball in all the
> games... except for the Robotnik bean thing, which is based on the
> weekday cartoon. (I'm not sure, in fact, that it started life as a Sonic
> game; I just saw a commercial for a virtually identical game for the SNES
> featuring Kirby...)

There are a lot of different Robotniks out there... check out the ending
scene from the 'Sonic CD' game (the part where Robotnik flies away with
the remaining Time Stones). Obviously a totally 'japanese' Robotnik.

Best wishes

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