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From: Fred Sloniker <>
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 1995 00:13:45 -0800 (PST)

On 25 Feb 1995, Alessandro Sanasi wrote:

> In later issues of the Archie comic Sonic & Tails _also_ have five
> fingers (although they should have only four according to the cartoon).

After I posted that message, I had a thought and checked the game
covers. Indeed, Sonic, Tails and the rest have four fingers and a thumb
on each hand. The problem with the hands in the Fleetway comic, upon
further reflection, is that they look too much like human hands wearing
toon gloves; the fingers are too long and thin.

> But don't forget that the _important_ characters (Sonic / Tails /
> Knuckles) look like they should (IMHO) and not like Archie is doing them
> with too thick arms, too small heads, Knuckles without the 'special'
> smile we know from the posters etc.

(nods) Yeah, they do look a bit better, though a little too 'realistic'
for my tastes. And Sonic frowns too much; at worst, he should smirk. (:3

> Only _a few_ stories are partially based on the games because this is
> what people want to see when a new game hits the market.

Well, my selection *was* biased. (:3 Thanks for pointing this out.

> Archie does the same although _their_ stories have open endings and _no_
> real plot at all (look at the ripoff of 'Sonic Spinball' in issue #6 or
> 'S&K' in issue #13).

Nowhere in my message did I say I thought the Fleetway comic was worse
than the Archie one. (:3

> In the Fleetway storyline, a malfunction in one of Kintobors inventions
> transformed him into the evil Robotnik (also a nice example for
> backwards spelling). However, his former personality got caught in one
> of the Power Rings and was implemented into the computer by Porker
> Lewis.

Wierd thought #73: who decided to give Robotnik a pointy head in the
comics and cartoons? His head is clearly round as a cue ball in all the
games... except for the Robotnik bean thing, which is based on the
weekday cartoon. (I'm not sure, in fact, that it started life as a Sonic
game; I just saw a commercial for a virtually identical game for the SNES
featuring Kirby...)

> ?? Did I forget to copy some of the pages? Darn...

You gave the the first part of some Mystic Cave Zone story with Sonic and
Tails being zapped cold at the end... (:3

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