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Date: Wed, 22 Feb 1995 22:04:54 -0600

You write:

>ObSonic: I saw an episode of the weekday Sonic on President's day.

>The horror. The horror. (Where is that line originally from, anyway?)

Now, I'm getting rather tired of everyone stomping all over the weekday
Sonic shows. They are actually *entertaining* in my opinion.

Sure, if you compare them to the Sat.AM shows, of *course* they aren't
going to look very good. But they are *different* shows, with
*different* goals. The Sat.AM show is an adventure show, while the
weekday shows are comedy/slapstick. If you're going to set your
expectations incorrectly, then of course you will be disappointed. :)

I find the weekday shows to be amusing, even funny, and silly. And
that's just what they are trying to be; nothing more.

Besides, Tails shows up in nearly every show. :)

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