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From: Alessandro Sanasi <>
Date: 23 Feb 1995 18:48:00 +0100

On 22 Feb 95, Fuzzy Fox wrote:

> >ObSonic: I saw an episode of the weekday Sonic on President's day.
> >The horror. The horror. (Where is that line originally from, anyway?)

I guess it's from 'Apocalypse Now'.

> Now, I'm getting rather tired of everyone stomping all over the weekday
> Sonic shows. They are actually *entertaining* in my opinion.

Sorry, but they are more boring than entertaining. The artwork is bad, the
enemies are stupid and everything reminds far too much of the old Bugs
Bunny cartoons from Warner (flat & superficially drawn backgrounds, Sonic
using lots of disguises etc.).

> Sure, if you compare them to the Sat.AM shows, of *course* they aren't
> going to look very good. But they are *different* shows, with
> *different* goals. The Sat.AM show is an adventure show, while the
> weekday shows are comedy/slapstick. If you're going to set your
> expectations incorrectly, then of course you will be disappointed. :)

The problem is that the weekday cartoon _isn't_ funny at all. Maybe it
would have been a success ten years ago, but the kind of comedy people
want to see today is different.

> I find the weekday shows to be amusing, even funny, and silly. And
> that's just what they are trying to be; nothing more.

They are trying, but alas it doesn't work.

> Besides, Tails shows up in nearly every show. :)

That's the only thing where I agree. I would also like to see more of
Tails in the cartoons. But watching the weekday show only because of
Tails... nah.

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