Re: Next Sonic game...

From: Jamie Wilmoth <>
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 95 10:26 EST

I just want to put in my support for all of Paul's comments. As he
said, I think the most frequent request you'll see is for Tails to
get a solo game; I'd also like to repeat his call for more use of the
Saturday morning story and characters (Bunnie Rabbot would play through
a level VERY differently than any of the other characters used thus
far, don't you think...?) Salyl could have some very interesting special
abilities, like using Nicole to summon a partial map of the level,
or being able to contact other Freedom Fighters on a one-shot basis
to help her get past obstacles ("I have a plan, Sonic! Here's what you
need to do...")

Finally, I loved Spinball. Sequel! Sequel!


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