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> ... I'm curious as to what
> Sonic fans and gamers would like to see and/or expect from another Sonic
> game. We're planning on having one out for the 32X, so I'd like to hear
> from all you Sonic fans.

Hrm. What do I want in the next Sonic game? Hrm. Tricky. Alot of good
suggestions have already been made by Paul Gettle, Fred Sloniker, Jamie
Wilmoth, Craig Moore and Richard Ray II Roberts (hope I didn't forget
anyone :)

::: Comments on previous games :::

I agreed with Fred Sloniker about Spinball Pinball about the graphics not
being 'up to par' (the motion at times seemed sluggish). Still fun though.

As mentioned before, the save game feature is a definite plus! I know some
folks like to play for hours and hours at a time, but I prefer to give myself
a break after a while.

I always liked the ability to play the game sounds in the option menu and
was disappointed to not see it in S3 & S&K (at least I didn't notice the
ability when I rented them... haven't gotten around to buying them yet).
A friend of mine used that feature to tape the S2 special 3-D stage music
(and a few other songs) and occasionally plays them when driving (very
appropriate for a particular stretch of winding road)... which reminds me.

  Someone mentioned an Audio CD by Sega which featured some 'Sonic' game
  music in a couple of tracks. Is that just some crazy rumor? Does this
  CD exist? If so, what's it called and where can I find it? (or can you
  'play' the Sonic-CD in an audio-cd player and get that)

::: Suggestions for new games :::

Giving Tails his own game sounds like fun.. Maybe he can have some special
new friends as partners of his very own. Perhaps making it 'lock-on' able
so Knuckles and Sonic can join in too.

Sonic and the freedom fighters in an RPG game sounds like a good idea. I
was talking with a friend just yesterday and he had brought up that he'd
like to see more RPG style games for the Sega.

As for how can the freedom fighters be in a multi-directional scrolling game
like most of the other Sonic games? :

 Sally could use Nicole for maps and to call on friends to help her out at
 spots. (good idea whoever suggested it)
 Bunnie Rabbot could use her bionic legs for high speed running or extra-high
 jumping and her arm for plowing through areas like Sonic does w/ spin dashes.
 Rotor could ride a motorized skateboard for extra speed... and maybe have a
 backpack w/ unfolding glider so he can float like Knuckles.
 Gee.. I dunno what Antoine can do.. eep.. sorry Ant (I've heard alot of
 'get rid of Antoine' talk, but I say he'd be find if folks could find
 SOMETHING useful for him [ whats wrong with being a good strategist yet
 also being a kluts and a fraidy-cat.. I know folks like that :) ]

One idea I had which may or may not fly is this: Why not in one of the
levels.. play the big round guy (Robotnik)! The objective being to capture
some of the freedom fighters.. The last remaining freedom fighter would get
away and that's who'd you'd play in the next levels in order to rescue
Robotnik's captives. (once rescued you could choose one of them as a
'partner' to help rescue others)

The ultimate idea would be to make a totally unique game featuring Sonic &
Friends. A game unlike anything out there yet. Something that's not a
platform, shoot-em-up, puzzle, sports, fighting, pinball or roleplaying game.
Very tricky... it only happens once every few years. If I knew what such
a game would be, then I guess I could be a game designer :)

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