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From: Paul Gettle <>
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 1995 14:23:18 -0500 (EST)

Ok, here's some more of my opinions on how to integrate the Saturday
morning characters into the games.

Bunnie: Bunnie`s robotic parts could give the programers a variety of
options for special abilities. Super high jumps, Strong punches, Picking
up badnick and throwing them, are the first three that come to mind. I
feel that they shouldn't let her have a spin dash though, let that be the
sole property of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. To compensate, I feel she
should be given some kind of martial arts attack (we've seen some robotic
grace on the show in most of her martial arts attacks, lets see it in the
game too)

Sally: I love the sugestion to have Nicole display some kind of map for
the level. Especially if it could be done in a scrolling heads up style,
like in the PC game Dark Forces. Maybe also have some areas that have
computer controlled doors, that only Nicole can open. (If you were really
devious, you'd include mazes with linked doors, similar to the ones in
Sandopolis in Sonic and Knuckles) As for movement, she shouldn't be able
to jump as high as Sonic or move as fast, but maybe give her some
acrobatic moves. Flips, cartwheels, the like. Prehaps give her a grapling
gun, so she can reach higher areas... (or add computer controlled
elevators) And, I know I'll take some flack for this around here, but
include her blue vest added to this season of the Saturday Morning
cartoon. I personally love it.

     -- Paul Gettle

"You're wrong. I'm right. As usual." -- Princess Sally

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