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From: Wallis, Mike <>
Date: Tue, 21 Feb 95 18:29:00 PST

>Hey... that's great! Finally a rep from Sega! Well, being a 32X owner I
>expect great things from it. From what I have seen from Chaotix... it
>looks pretty impressive... one question... Where is Sonic?!?!? As I

Well, Sega didn't send me---I'm here on my own, but I'll help where ever I
can. :)
You know that here at Sega of America (SOA) we are committed to supporting
the 32X, so you can expect a lot of software support for it. Chaotix is
just one example. To answer your question, Sonic won't be appearing in
Chaotix, because that's Knuckles' game. (I don't know the real reason, so
I'll just throw out that excuse. Actually, see below) :)

>understand it... Sonic will make his appearance on the Japanese version
>of the game and not the American. Is Sega of America focusing on
>Knuckles instead of our favorite blue speed demon? I think that the

I haven't heard that one before. I believe both versions are going to be
the same, but ya never know---Sega of Japan sometimes goes off and does
their own thing. We do have an original 32X version of Sonic in the works,
so SOA hasn't forgotten about our blue-friend.
Although, according to recent SOA marketing studies, Knuckles is a very
popular guy... So popular that the execs felt he deserved his own game.

>characters should use the rings for more that just.. well.. points and
>keeping from getting you killed! How about the rings as weapons, tossed
>projectiles? I really liked the idea for Super Sonic using the rings as
>time for being Super.

Thanks for the input!

>Just as a side note... isn't Chaotix the next 32X "Sonic" type game or
>are you talking about another version? If it's another version... try a
>32X-CD Sonic game... now that would rock! How about that Sonic arcade
>game that never really made it? Are they only going to bring out Sonic
>Arcade for the Saturn or will be playing it on out 32X?

Chaotix is a 32X "Sonic-type" of game, but it isn't the game I was referring
As for the 32X-CD Sonic game---talk about a niche within a niche. :)

The Sonic arcade game was apparently released in Japan, but never made it
out to the States---I don't know why. I know there is a Sonic game in the
works for the Saturn, but it's being done over at Sega of Japan, so I have
very little information on it.

>Hmmm... maybe I have more questions than suggestions. Oh well *:(. BTW,
>I work for Electronics Boutique and I am considered the resident Sega and
>Sonic expert so if there are any little tid-bits of info you could send
>my way, it would be greatly appreciated!

Since you work for EB, you probably have a good idea of what consumers would
like. There's been a lot of asking for a Tails-only game: How do you think
consumers would react to that type of game, assuming it was a game in
similar fashion to the "Sonic-series" of games, only better utilizing the
abilities of our flying fox?


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