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From: Fred Sloniker <>
Date: Tue, 21 Feb 1995 21:55:05 -0800 (PST)

Yeep. Quite a lot of stuff already posted on this thread. Let's see if
I can't pick out a topic or seven for reply... (:3

Mike Wallis wrote:

MW> Hi all. I'm brand new to this mailing list, and, well, I work for
MW> Sega. :)

Cool! (:3 Always nice to have a Sega presence in the group.
Personally, I think Sega should have an official presence in r.v.g.sega,
but that's another topic...

MW> I'm an Associate Producer in the STI group (the group that did Sonic
MW> 2, Sonic Spinball, Sonic 3, and Sonic & Knuckles),

Now this is strange. I rented Spinball just the other day, and I could
have sworn a different team had done it. (For one thing, no offense, but
the graphics weren't up to the usual 'par' for Sonic games.) Still, you
guys do good work; I've got Sonics 1, 2, and K, and will get 3 when I can
afford it.

MW> and I'm curious as to what Sonic fans and gamers would like to see
MW> and/or expect from another Sonic game. We're planning on having one
MW> out for the 32X, so I'd like to hear from all you Sonic fans.

Well, let me first reiterate what several others have said: I want a
"Tails" game. And I'm 21, so I don't want some Pico thing or some
walk-through game; I want something as challenging as the typical Sonic
game featuring the Happy Fun Fox. Failing that, keep Tails in future
Sonic games and keep giving him stuff to do that Sonic can't match.
Tails in Sonic 2 was a poor man's Sonic; in Sonic 3, he started to come
into his own, but it wasn't really until S3&K, with Super Tails, that he
became about even with the spiky blue speed demon. I look to see him in
Sonic 4 (or would that be Sonic 32X?) with new paths to take, new worlds
to explore, and maybe even an entire Zone just for him (while Sonic's
taking on Robotnik's latest plot on the ground, Tails takes to the air or
water as a shortcut to the fiend's base...) And give Super Tails some
cool frizzy do-not-taunt-Happy-Fun-Fox graphics instead of just flashing
his palette.

Got the idea yet that I'm a fan of Miles Prower? (:3

Marc Young wrote:

MY> How about the rings as weapons, tossed projectiles?

I don't like this idea for any of the existing characters (Sonic, Tails,
and Knuckles) but it'd be a neat thing to add if a new playable character
is added to the next game. While I'm thinking of it: in Sonic 4, allow
people to mix-and-match their team of two characters (i.e., allow Tails
to play lead with Sonic backup, or even Knuckles and Tails). Sonic, when
CPU controlled, can make his entrance in a blast of speed; Knuckles can
just pop out of the ground. (:3

MY> I really liked the idea for Super Sonic using the rings as time for
MY> being Super.

Random thought #17: allow the player to 'turn off' Super to conserve
rings in parts they're confident of their chances in. (Perhaps the
mechanism of becoming Super should be pushing a button whilst paused, or
something akin; do the same to reverse it...)

MY> try a 32X-CD Sonic game... now that would rock!

As was later mentioned, this would be a fairly restricted market, but
that doesnt' mean I wouldn't want to see it. It might be the incentive I
need to get a 32X. (:3 Maybe a FMV Sonic (but *please* none of that
'make correct choice and see more video, make wrong choice and don't'
crap we've been getting lately. Have branching plots and stuff;
animation will compress a lot better than film, so you'll have room for
that sort of thing...) Or maybe a Sonic RPG (Popful Mail's doing the
platform/RPG crossover; why can't Sonic?)

MY> How about that Sonic arcade game that never really made it?

Haven't heard of this. Tell me more?

Craig Moore wrote:

CM> Anyway, I would like to see more of tails or better yet, All of the
CM> freedom fighters. I havn't played any of the games but from what I here,
CM> the other freedom fighters havn't shown up in any of the games (But I
CM> could be wrong on this.)

The other Freedom Fighters were invented for the comic/cartoon (only the
Saturday one) and made only a cameo appearance in Sonic Spinball. I
wouldn't mind seeing them, but they'd probably be more appropriate for an
RPG (I dare to dream again...) or in guest slots than as playable
characters in a Sonic platformer; they just don't move fast enough. (:3
Paul Gettle wrote a bunch of stuff I have no comment on, plus:

PG> Fully incorporate the characters from the Saturday Morning cartoon.

Already commented on.

PG> Make the game less linear. Give us some freedom to chose different
PG> paths, with different levels to play. You've allready taken some steps
PG> in that direction with the three different characters that you can play
PG> with Sonic 3 locked on to Sonic and Knuckles (Major kudos for that
PG> advancement BTW). Depending on if you played Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles,
PG> you took different routes through the levels. Just give us the ability
PG> to take different levels entirely.

Agreed. Keep continuity between the plot lines, though; it bugs me that
when playing as Knuckles, one never gets to pound on or be pounded on by
Sonic, much less see the Death Egg; and Tails only gets a subset of
Sonic's ending. S3&K would have been cooler if Tails had gotten to go to
the Doomsday Zone; it would have been even *cooler* if he'd had his own
special Zone, perhaps an aerial dogfight (foxfight?)

PG> Finally, the sugestion that I hear most, from fans and non-fans
PG> alike......


Thirded. (:3

Then Mike Wallis wrote some more:

MW> We do have an original 32X version of Sonic in the works, so SOA hasn't
MW> forgotten about our blue-friend.

Is this going to be a more typical Sonic release, as opposed to the
first-person view of Chaotix? Anything NDAs don't prevent you from
telling us? (:3

MW> Although, according to recent SOA marketing studies, Knuckles is a

MW> very popular guy... So popular that the execs felt he deserved his own
MW> game.

Well, tell those execs that *this* Sega consumer wants a Tails game. (:3

MW> There's been a lot of asking for a Tails-only game: How do you think
MW> consumers would react to that type of game, assuming it was a game in
MW> similar fashion to the "Sonic-series" of games, only better utilizing
MW> the abilities of our flying fox?

I'm not who you asked, but speaking for this customer, I'd buy it as soon
as the check would clear. (:3

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