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On Tue, 21 Feb 1995, Wallis, Mike wrote:

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> Hi all. I'm brand new to this mailing list, and, well, I work for Sega. :)
> I'm an Associate Producer in the STI group (the group that did Sonic 2,
> Sonic Spinball, Sonic 3, and Sonic & Knuckles), and I'm curious as to what
> Sonic fans and gamers would like to see and/or expect from another Sonic
> game. We're planning on having one out for the 32X, so I'd like to hear
> from all you Sonic fans.
> This is all unsolicited information for Sega... In other words, Sega didn't
> put me up to asking this; I'm asking for myself only.
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^The above is my disclaimer. :-)
> Thanks,
> -Mike

OK. Here's what I want out of a Sonic game. First, let me give you a
little background. My addiction to the Blue one started with the ABC
cartoon when it premiered last year. I absolutely fell in love with the
storyline and it's what prompted me into buying a Sega. I own Sonic 2,
Sonic Spinball, Sonic 3, and have rented Sonic and Knuckles (hope to buy
sooner or later). I have also become a fan of the Archie comic.
Well anyway, here's what I have liked about the Sonic games that I have

I like the ease of play of all the Sonics. By just using one button, the
game can move a a faster pace without being difficult.

I like the multiple routes through the levels and the hidden areas. In
particular, the Chemical Plant and Oil Ocean zones of Sonic 2 and the
Marble Garden and Carnival Night zones of Sonic 3.

I like the continual increase in quality of the Sonic games. There is a
noticeable improvement in the physics of the game. (In Sonic 2, Sonic
would jump straight up, even on a slanted surface, while in Sonic 3 and
later, he would jump perpendicular to the surface) Also the improvement
in graphics has been well appreciated. (I didn't think that anything
could be better than Sonic 3, but Sonic and Knuckles BLEW ME AWAY.)

The various shields that were added to the game increased options for
game play and stratagy building.

Sonic Spinball was a definite change of pace. I am a bit of a pinball
fanatic, so I really enjoyed it. I also loved the fact that you did
include the characters from the Archie comics, at least in the bonus
levels and the game story (I would have loved it more had it been based
on the Saturday morning cartoon, but more on that later.)

The save game feature is a major plus. pleas include it in future games.

And, I love trying to find the debug codes (I know programers don't like
to hear that gamers go mucking about in the debug mode, but hey, it's fun)
I think that the debug code for Sonic 3 was entirely too hard. (Up, Up,
Down, Down, Up, Up, Up, Up, in a one second window of time? geez, what
did you do, use a programable controler?) I was most satisfied when I
finally finished the hidden special stage on Sonic 3 (the blue one that
spirals inwards).

I did not like the electric special stage of Sonic and Knuckles. I just
couldn't get the knack for it.

Now for things that I would really want in the next Sonic game:

Fully incorporate the characters from the Saturday Morning cartoon.
Possibly have Princess Sally as a playable character. (Make sure that
it's the Princess Sally who's coloring matches the Saturday Morning
cartoon and the most recent issues of the Archie comic, and not Amy Rose
renamed from Sonic CD)

Make the game less linear. Give us some freedom to chose different paths,
with different levels to play. You've allready taken some steps in that
direction with the three different characters that you can play with
Sonic 3 locked on to Sonic and Knuckles (Major kudos for that advancement
BTW). Depending on if you played Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles, you took
different routes through the levels. Just give us the ability to take
different levels entirely.

Finally, the sugestion that I hear most, from fans and non-fans alike......


I'd like to thank the mailing list for indulging me in posting this for
everyone... I did it that way so you could respond to my points about the
games. I know not all of you play them that much, and that we never
intended for this to be a list about the games, but the games are what's
driving the fiction, so we should do our best to make sure that the games
are the best that they can be.

     -- Paul Gettle (

"You're wrong, I'm right. As usual." -- Princess Sally

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