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> Video game (among other things) discussion ensues.

As long as we don't start exchanging Game Genie codes, I think we're
okay. (:3

> Actually, IMO the divergent endings make sense. Look at it this way:

[Explanation of Knuckles' motivation snipped.]

> This was why he is such a pain for Sonic during most of the game.

I guess my gripe is that this only applies when you're playing as Sonic.
When you're playing as Knuckles, shouldn't you periodically get a chance
to dump Sonic down the drain or something? (:3

> Of course, the two endings taken at face value still don't make sense
> when put together. For one thing, where does the Master Emerald finally
> end up: in Metal-Sonic's hands or Robotnik's?

That's not the only thing that isn't kosher between the two stories; for
instance, when I said Knuckles never sees the Death Egg I meant it
literally. It's been removed from the backgrounds of all the scenes
where Sonic sees it (like Launch Base in S3 and Lava Reef in S&K). I
think you get my point, though. I want continuity in my plots! (:3

> Also, I think Tails was given more to do in this game. You'll notice
> that quite a few of the zones are different if you use Sonic alone than
> if you use Sonic & Tails, especially the zone (forgot the name) where
> Sonic is fighting Robotnik in the air, and Tails must fly and carry
> Sonic during the battle.

Marble Garden. I just checked. (:3 Actually, Sonic with Tails can get
places Sonic alone can't get, but the levels aren't significantly
different; the scene you mention, in fact, has Tails showing up long
enough for Sonic to get the airlift he needs, then helifoxing off at the
start of the Carnival Night Zone.

> Granted, he was little more than window dressing in Sonic 2, but I do
> believe they did a better job of integrating him into the game with
> Sonic 3.

Cynical response: well, they'd have to. (:3 Tails in Sonic 2 was a
shorter Sonic who couldn't become Super. Tails in Sonic 3 is actually a
unique character with his own strengths and weaknesses.

> ...we definitely need to find another source about this movie thing.
> Keep your fingers crossed.

Done. (:3

ObSonicStories: my second-biggest gripe about the cartoon (the first
being Antoine the Useless) is Tails' relegation to sidekick status. Just
because he doesn't have star billing, he gets to deliver such
dramatically challenging lines as "Sonic, look out!" Oy. Somebody write
a story where he actually gets something important to do all by himself.
Or maybe I will. (:3

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