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Video game (among other things) discussion ensues.

> While I'm thinking of the games, anyone else share my gripe that the
> plots for Sonic and Knuckles in S3&K (in case I'm confusing anyone with
> this abbreviation, it's Sonic 3 and Sonick&Knuckles locked together)
> diverge so widely at the end? I mean, Knuckles never sees either Sonic
> or the Death Egg... and poor Tails is stuck being the poor man's Sonic
> again (at least this time they let him fly and swim and stuff). Ah
> well. Maybe some day they'll do a Tails game for the Sega...

Actually, IMO the divergent endings make sense. Look at it this way:

Knuckles is someone who doesn't know a thing about the wars between Robotnik
and the animals. He only cares about the protection of Floating Island and
its Chaos Emeralds. As long as the island is safe and there are no
potential evil forces surrounding it, he's happy. This was why
he is such a pain for Sonic during most of the game. Robotnik was able
to convince him that Sonic was the one trying to steal the Emeralds. Only
when Knuckles sees Robotnik himself heisting the Master Emerald does he
realize who the real bad guy is.

On the other hand, Sonic has spent the last two games (whatever time frame
that translates to) fighting Robotnik, and is ready to pursue him (quite
literally) to the ends of the Earth if necessary. If Robotnik fleas into
space, Sonic will follow.

Of course, the two endings taken at face value still don't make sense when
put together. For one thing, where does the Master Emerald finally end up:
in Metal-Sonic's hands or Robotnik's? So here's how I view it:

When Knuckles finally realizes that Sonic is a good guy, he takes Sonic's
word that Sonic will retrieve the Master Emerald from Robotnik by any means
necessary. Then, after Metal-Sonic fails to hold Sonic and Tails at bay,
Robotnik fleas with the Master Emerald to outer space, with Sonic and Tails in
hot pursuit. Meanwhile, Metal-Sonic isn't quite dead, and, in his
damaged state, he sees as his final mission the destruction of Knuckles and
possession of all remaining Chaos Emeralds. Guess who wins? :-)

Also, I think Tails was given more to do in this game. You'll notice
that quite a few of the zones are different if you use Sonic alone than
if you use Sonic & Tails, especially the zone (forgot the name) where
Sonic is fighting Robotnik in the air, and Tails must fly and carry Sonic
during the battle. Granted, he was little more than window dressing in
Sonic 2, but I do believe they did a better job of integrating him into
the game with Sonic 3.

> Personally, I don't think there's a thing wrong with that, but I suppose
> a movie for American audiences ought to look more American. Perhaps,
> though, the Japanese should do a Sonic anime which I can have my local
> anime club import... (;3
Oh, if only...
> But I thought DIC was partly Japanese...
Prob'ly in the way that many cartoon companies (including the
makers of "The Simpsons") often farm certain animation tasks to overseas
firms to cut costs...doesn't necessarily mean that the overseas boys have
anything to do with the story or artwork itself.
> > Um... by the way, why is everyone so sure that a movie is in the
> > planning? Shouldn't we first try to find out if it's really true?
> Good point. (:3 Anyone want to take up the challenge?
Very good point, since this came from the same mail-page that was giving
opinions about when the video game "Sonic 5" was going to come out.
"Sonic 5"?!?? I'm sorry, but if S+K is being considered as "Sonic 4",
then how come Sonic Spinball wasn't called "Sonic 3", thereby throwing
the entire numbering system out of whack! And, of course, with the usual
uncertainty about upcoming mini-series or when new characters will make
their first appearance...we definitely need to find another source about
this movie thing. Keep your fingers crossed.


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