Sally's Divine Right

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>Q: Who was the king of Mobius?

>A: Sonic #10 shows a picture of the king. He looks alot like an old male
    version of Sally. This contradicts the TV series where he looked >alot
    like a fox. Sonic #17 first shows the king as he appears on TV as >a
    fox (in Princess Sally's Crusade).

> Added note: Very strange to be a squirrel princess while having a
    fox king. Perhaps Sally is an adopted daughter (or a daughter by

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>From James' FAQ (which is great, thanks!)

I just want to add my opinion to the friendly "row" over Sally's species. I
think she must be at least 1/3 fox, because if she
were adopted (or her father for that matter) where is the divine right of
kings and queens, then? Where is Sally's genetic link to the first Acorn
Monarchs? I doubt, through the staunch belief in blood in royalty that a
stepchild could ever gain the throne. Perhaps if the entire Acorn line was
dead save for Sally, but then there would be no more Acorns, and so she would
have begun a new line. Tell me if I'm wrong, please! Maybe marriage has
brought stepchildren into monarchies in the past, but the way I see it, Sally
is her father's daughter, as Acorn was his father's son.

Long Live Princess Sally!
To a free Mobius!

Oh, ten minutes to Sonic! Woo Hoo!

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