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On Tue, 14 Feb 1995, Dan Drazen wrote:

> The latter sounds like a description of the cyborg-Sonic from Sonic #11
> ("The good, the bad and the hedgehog") who reprised in Sonic #19 ("Night
> of a thousand Sonics").

Okay, just so we're clear on this (since not everyone here will have
played all the games):

The MetalSonic in Sonic 2 is two to three times Sonic's height, entirely
gray, and looks rather like a pile of scrap metal welded into a shape
vaguely resembling Sonic. It does a rocket-assisted rush, a spinning
leap, and a variant on the leap where it shoots spikes. I don't remember
what the eyes look like, but I think they're black with red dots.

The RoboSonic in Sonic CD is Sonic's height, colored blue and gray, and
looks like what you'd get if Sonic were a Terminator and you burned all
the skin off. He's got Sonic's attitude, though he's a little slower (he
flies with a jetpack instead of running) and can shoot sparks out of
himself as a defense or surround himself with a fireball-like flame as an
offensive charge. His eyes are hollow sockets.

The MetalSonic in Sonic & Knuckles is about half again Sonic's height,
colored blue and black with a gold 'belt buckle', and is a really
evil-looking windtunnel-styled bot with a single eyeslot (sorta like the
Cylons, or KITT). He can do the spindash, a rocket slide (points first),
and spinning jumps; Sonic also has to fight him in reprises of the
wrecking ball boss (Sonic 1, Green Hill Zone) and illusion boss (Sonic 2,
Metropolis Zone), while Knuckles has to fight him after he's been powered
up by the Master Emerald, which means he can fly, shoot energy discharges,
and dive down quickly to catch him by surprise.

So which of these three does the version in the comic most closely
resemble? And what's the basic gist of the plots in which it's appeared?

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