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On 13 Feb 1995, Alessandro Sanasi wrote:

> Yes, it was me who mentioned this. I _have_ checked the manual, and the
> name listed there is _Amy Rose_. She is also called Amy in the comic
> adaption of this game from Fleetway Publications ('The Sonic Terminator',
> issue #26 - #28, a thrilling and well-drawn story full of action).

In the American version of the manual, the character is named Princess
Sally, even though she bears no resemblance to the Princess Sally in the
American cartoons and comic; she looks like a pink hedgehog in a bobbysox
outfit. I haven't seen the British comic, so I wouldn't know for sure,
but I suspect this is the character to which you refer when you say "Amy
Rose". (Personally, I think it was silly to rename the character for
this side of the pond, but that's IMHO.)

> I bought my 'Sonic CD' game in 1993, it is for use with PAL and French
> SECAM Mega-CD systems. On the package you can see the heads of Metal Sonic
> (on the left) and Sonic (on the right) staring at each other.

The American cover's a bit different; if I recall, it depicts Sonic and
RoboSonic leaping for a Time Gem (sort of like the faceoff in basketball)
and a UFO (from the bonus round) exploding.

> Ok, I admit it: its not the newest version of the CD game and it also
> might not be the same version as they sell it in America. But how should I
> have known?

By asking on the list and finding out. (:3 Now you know. And I know
not to assume that just because you don't live in Japan means you have
the same versions of Sonic we do (I already knew there were some
differences in the Japanese vs. American versions of the games).

> Could you check out the ending part of Zone 1 in the version you are
> referring to? Is the character who is trying to hug Sonic at the end of
> this level a pink hedgehog lady in a green dress (Amy) or a brownish
> squirrel with red hair (Sally)? Please let me know.

Actually, it's a pink hedgehog lady in a green dress (Sally). Just to be
extra confusing, I guess. (:3

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