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From: Alessandro Sanasi <>
Date: 13 Feb 1995 22:53:00 +0100

> A few messages back someone mentioned Amy Rose being in Sonic CD.
> Although you are correct, if you check the manual you'll find that her name
> was conveniently changed to Sally
> -B.B.

Yes, it was me who mentioned this. I _have_ checked the manual, and the
name listed there is _Amy Rose_. She is also called Amy in the comic
adaption of this game from Fleetway Publications ('The Sonic Terminator',
issue #26 - #28, a thrilling and well-drawn story full of action).

I bought my 'Sonic CD' game in 1993, it is for use with PAL and French
SECAM Mega-CD systems. On the package you can see the heads of Metal Sonic
(on the left) and Sonic (on the right) staring at each other.

Ok, I admit it: its not the newest version of the CD game and it also
might not be the same version as they sell it in America. But how should I
have known?

Could you check out the ending part of Zone 1 in the version you are
referring to? Is the character who is trying to hug Sonic at the end of
this level a pink hedgehog lady in a green dress (Amy) or a brownish
squirrel with red hair (Sally)? Please let me know.

Best wishes

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