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From: Alessandro Sanasi <>
Date: 13 Feb 1995 21:12:00 +0100

> I am very impressed with the Princess Sally solo stories (Sonics
> #17,18; InYourFace special; & Princess Sally mini series)! The
> pencils of Art Mawhinney captures the beauty and personality
> of our favorite lady brilliantly! Bravo! I urge everyone who likes the
> new series to write Archie Comics and thank them! I'd E-mail them
> monthly if I had their address (anyone know it?)

Sorry to say that, but I _DON'T_ think that the current artwork in the
comic is good.

I don't know about the second season of Sonic cartoons, but compared to
the episodes I saw from the first season most characters in the comic
differ a lot from the ones in the cartoon in the size of head, shoes, arms
and legs (especially Sonic and Tails). In addition to that, Sonics face
has lost all its smart looking it has in the cartoon. He has _lots_ of
quills starting directly from both sides of his head instead of only one
single row on his back. Furthermore, everything looks very superficially

Have you seen the first three Sonic comics pencilled by Scott Shaw! ?
Now _THAT_ is what I would call _real_ artwork that can stand the
competition with the artwork from the cartoon. For example, compare the
'Tails solo story' from 'Sonic In Your Face Special' to the ending part of
'Princess Sallys crusade' from the same comic. Maybe you will notice the

Sorry, but this is my opinion. If you think otherwise, please tell me your

> I hope this is a sign that the Sonic comics are evolving from the
> slapstick humour (don't get me wrong, slapstick is great, but some
> how I think it doesn't seem to fit Sonic's universe) and the hybrid-schizoid
> mix of syndicated and ABC styles. It makes the mind reel! If enough people
> support it I think it will be here to stay!

I hope you are right with this. I don't like this mixup eighter. It is
much better to read stories that use the style of the Sathurday morning

> To a Free Mobius!
> Long Live Princess Sally!
> (and Art Mawhinney!)
> CamCoon ^ ^
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> *

Best wishes

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