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Sorry.. I suspect I just sent a blank message to the whole group...
That happens to our copy of ELM sometimes: (i.e. you're done typing a
message and when you exit it says it can't envoke 'vi' for composition even
though vi has already been used to write the message.. then ELM sends a
blank message) Anyway.. enough of that.. here's what I wanted to send.


> Have you seen the first three Sonic comics pencilled by Scott Shaw! ?
> Now _THAT_ is what I would call _real_ artwork that can stand the
> competition with the artwork from the cartoon. For example, compare the
> 'Tails solo story' from 'Sonic In Your Face Special' to the ending part of
> 'Princess Sallys crusade' from the same comic. Maybe you will notice the
> difference.
> :
> :
> Alessandro

Yow! More fans of Scott Shaw! Everyone seems to love this guy.

I slipped this in an earlier e-mailing but it was so obscure that I
suspect nobody has seen it. Does anyone out there have (or can get)
issue #3 of the original Sonic 4-part Miniseries [#0-#3]. Archie Comics
was offering back-issues but were out of that one (and that's the only
one I still need) If so, please e-mail me.

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