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Date: 15 Feb 1995 21:11:00 +0100

> Has Metal/RoboSonic made an appearance in any of the cartoons or comics?
> If so, in what incarnation: the giant gray behemoth of Sonic 2, the
> skeletal Sonic of Sonic CD, or the value-size Terminator ripoff of S&K?
> Inquiring minds want to know. (:3

> ---Fred M. Sloniker, stressed undergrad

There was a Sonic robot in issue #9 of the Sonic comic from Archie. I
couldn't get this issue, so I don't know any details.

The Metal Sonic from the 'Sonic CD' game had an appearance in the Sonic
comic from Fleetway Publications, issue #21 - #23, 'The Sonic Terminator'
(last three parts of a six-part story).

Basically, the story has a lot of the CD game in it.


Issue #21:
Sonic receives a distress signal sent by Amy (a pink lady hedgehog) from
Never Lake. When Sonic gets there he finds the Little Planet completely
covered with Robotniks factories and chained to Mobius with a gigantic
chain. While saving Amy he is attacked by Metal Sonic but is able to defeat
him. Just when things seem to be back to normal and Sonic does his usual
jokes (Sonic: "Did I ever tell you that pink is my most _non-favourite_
color?" Amy: "Oh Sonic, you say the cutest things!") Metal Sonic gets up
again and hits Sonic from behind. Because its systems are severly damaged,
Metal Sonic takes Amy to the Little Planet as 'life bait' for Sonic. Sonic
follows them over the chain that holds the Little Planet.

Issue #22:
Sonic finds Amy and tries to defeat Metal Sonic, but his enemy is itself
a part of the technology that covers the Little Planet. So it can drain
energy from the surrounding machinery to repair itself. Just as Metal
Sonic is about to finish Sonic, it gets hit by another Sonic who is only
half the size of the original. He then pushes Sonic into a shrinking ray
and hands him a Time Stone.

Issue #23:
With the Time Stone Sonic travels back into the past and finds the machine
that caused the changes on the Little Planet. Because of his small size
he is able to enter the machine and destroy it from within. He travels
back to the present just in time to prevent Metal Sonic from doing the
kill. He hands over the Time Stone to his other self and sends him back
into time. Due to the changes in the past the Little Planet is returned to
normal. The Metal Sonic disappears too, because he was created by the same


Another example for my bad grammar... oh well. Hope you can find out
what was meant.

Well, I don't know the story in issue #9 of the American Sonic comic,
but thinking of all the sh*t I've seen from Archie so far with all the
slapstick and uninspired drawing styles, I assume that the English
version is a little more interesting. (Too bad you haven't seen the
'Enter Knuckles' story from Fleetway. Definitely _way_ better than the
Archie comics version 'This Island Hedgehog'.)

Only my opinion... don't flame me, I'm nobody's toast.

You get what anyone gets. You get a lifetime.

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