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From: Jeffrey Pegnato <>
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 1995 18:06:00 +0500

>> >I have no explanation yet for "Mobius". There must be some kind >of
>> >significance
>> >in this name - I doubt they just made it up.
>> I'm assuming they named it after the German mathematician, Agust Ferdinand
>> Mobius (with two dots over the "o") who discovered the Mobius strip, which is
>> like a one sided, three-dimensional loop.
>This is entirely off the wall, but the episode "Blast to the Past" comes to
>mind. Like many movies such as the Terminator series, the show apparently
>supports the theory of circular time, where future events simultaneously
>affect the past, and vice versa. If Sonic and Sally weren't rescued by
>their future selves at the time of Robotnik's coup, then they couldn't
>travel back in time to save their younger selves in said coup. I remember
>someone on this list referring to it as a Mobius strip in time--2 sides,
>1 journey...
>...ah, never mind.

YES! that is by far the best run-down I've heard of that great show! (It
has nothing to do with anything else) but I think it's great!
O.K. _OTHER_ than a reference to that strip or said German professor, any other
ideas for "Mobius" origin? (I give up) ;)

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