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> >I have no explanation yet for "Mobius". There must be some kind >of
> >significance
> >in this name - I doubt they just made it up.
> I'm assuming they named it after the German mathematician, Agust Ferdinand
> Mobius (with two dots over the "o") who discovered the Mobius strip, which is
> like a one sided, three-dimensional loop.

This is entirely off the wall, but the episode "Blast to the Past" comes to
mind. Like many movies such as the Terminator series, the show apparently
supports the theory of circular time, where future events simultaneously
affect the past, and vice versa. If Sonic and Sally weren't rescued by
their future selves at the time of Robotnik's coup, then they couldn't
travel back in time to save their younger selves in said coup. I remember
someone on this list referring to it as a Mobius strip in time--2 sides,
1 journey...

...ah, never mind.

> >And now for something completely different: Who is that purple guy in the
> >Sonic 'Triple Trouble' (for Game Gear) game and how come we haven't seen
> >him anywhere else?
> That's the treasure hunter, Knack, a weasle. He, along with Knuckles,
> hasn't been in anything yet. (Maybe in the next season?)
Which brings to mind the question, why is Archie Publications proudly
displaying and replying to mail concerning Knuckles when he has yet to
even appear in the story! Anything for readership, I guess.

Continuing the video game discussion (bear with me), the next time you
play S+K, pay attention to the Flying Battalion taking off at the end
of the Mushroom Zone. Who's flying the plane?!!?! Robotnik's in his
egg-vehicle (whatever it's called), and there is someone else at the
controls of the Battalion. The closest thing I can think of is a fox.
Anybody got any ideas?


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