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From: Erich Schulman (KTN4CA) -- Team OS/2 <"Erich>
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 1995 00:47:24 -0500 (EST)

The FAQ I promised in the list's welcome text is now available. And so
is another FAQ. The filenames are "faq-dd" and "faq-jf" (without the
quotes); the "dd" and "jf" are the initials of the authors.

To request Dan Drazen's FAQ (taken from rec.arts.animation), send this
text to
   get sonic faq-dd

To request James Firmiss's FAQ (taken from this list), send this text to
   get sonic faq-jf

If you want both FAQ's, send this text:
   get sonic faq-dd
   get sonic faq-jf

There is some redundant information, but there is a lot of information
found in one but not the other. I would like to ask the two authors and
others interested in helping out to merge the FAQ's into a single
document. This will make it a little easier to locate information. Once
this is done, the new FAQ can be loaded for retrieval through Majordomo.

The merchandise list is going to get fairly long, so I think it's better
to keep it out of the FAQ and kept in its own file. Because the
information on the comics (summaries, character appearance chart, etc.)
will be added-to regularly, it may be advisable to split that off too so
as to keep the FAQ to a manageable size. Any opinions on this split?
Should any other splits be considered?

Erich Schulman (KTN4CA)
Team OS/2

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