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Date: Sun, 12 Feb 1995 04:56:31 -0500 (EST)

My first thought after seeing that there was a Sonic mailing list

"Cool. Maybe I can learn a little more about the games and possibly
find out if the cartoon is worth watching."

My first thought after receiving the welcome file:

"That was quick! Less than two minutes!"

My first thought after viewing my first round of messages:

"Sonic, Tails, waitaminute...who in the world is Sally?"

That'll teach me to skim thru and quickly file away the "Welcome"!
But now, a few days later, I've become enlightened to what this group
is really about. And (needless to say?) I am entranced.

Y'see, I've always had a fascination for animal fiction. I list
_Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH_ as one of my all-time favorite books,
I've enjoyed just about every movie that Don Bluth has put out
(at least until Rock-a-Doodle), and I kept up with the weekday cartoon
of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, before the writers ditched the
continuity and turned it into the usual children's cartoon drivel.
One of these days, I'm gonna find a copy of _Watership Down_ to read,
since it's been almost a decade since I last saw the movie.
And need I mention the excellent tongue-in-cheek humor of the
Animaniacs? I'm even attempting to create my own such fiction,
with one story revolving around Felicia, the cat-woman from the
video game "Dark Stalkers."

Unfortunately, such works are few and far between. So, when something
new comes along that promises good story telling involving such
"humanly animal" characters, I'm all ears. And what a story "StH" is!
A small, renegade group of animals doing whatever they can to stay
alive and fight against an evil, Hitler-esque ruler. This battle
has raged on for more than a decade. Families have been lost, friendships
torn apart. Of the main characters, one has had to helplessly watch her
father's kingdom plundered and run into the ground, another lost his
entire family barely after he learned how to talk, and still another
questions exactly what he is fighting for or against, when the bad guys
don't seem to pay him any attention, and the good guys chastise him for
his accidental nature (sorta like Harold Lauder from _The Stand_).
Combine all this with the sci-fi/fantasy setting of powerful, mysterious
crystals and the cruel combination of biology and technology...
THIS is the stuff of classic literature!!

And so, I dove in...or at least attempted to.

It seems I'm having a little trouble getting my "Sonic fixes". After
looking in the TV Guide, I found out our local ABC affiliate has
dropped almost the entire Sat. morning line-up for a news program.
Some of the shows got farmed out to local independant channels, but
"StH" is lost in the cracks.

Then, I went out to one of Atlanta's most reknown comic book stores,
"Oxford Comics" and bought all I could find---which turned out to
be only two issues, #17 and #21. And after reading these two and reading
the synapses of the cartoon shows from the Sonic FAQ, it looks that the
cartoon pays much better attention to the story telling than the
comic book does (why in the world did Archie Publications have to
pick this one up?!). Oh well, I'll keep trying.

And so, I have a request. Does anyone know if the cartoons have
been released on video yet? If not, does anyone happen to have
the cartoons taped, and would be willing to mail me a copy? I'd
gladly pay the cost of videotape and shipping.

Well, sorry if this intro went a little overboard, but I just wanted
to convey what an excellent forum this is. Here's hoping there'll
be a 3rd season to the show, and that Channel 2 will finally start
showing the _at_#$^$% things!! :-)


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