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> Y'see, I've always had a fascination for animal fiction. I list
> _Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH_ as one of my all-time favorite books,
> I've enjoyed just about every movie that Don Bluth has put out
> (at least until Rock-a-Doodle), and I kept up with the weekday cartoon
> of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, before the writers ditched the
> continuity and turned it into the usual children's cartoon drivel.
> One of these days, I'm gonna find a copy of _Watership Down_ to read,
> since it's been almost a decade since I last saw the movie.
> And so, I have a request. Does anyone know if the cartoons have
> been released on video yet? If not, does anyone happen to have
> the cartoons taped, and would be willing to mail me a copy? I'd
> gladly pay the cost of videotape and shipping.

Yet another person who likes "The Secret of NIMH". That was one heck of
a good movie.

They have, in fact, released SOME of the Sonic cartoons on video. You
have to look real close at the packages to tell the differnce between the
weekday sholw and the weekend show. They're also priced at about twelve
bucks a tape which has two episodes. I'll tell you what I'll do: I have
all the episodes from the first season and all the episodes from this
season except the last two, which will air again in about two and three
weeks. If you like, I'll ship you the entire collection when it's
finshed in that time(which amounts to approx. 26 episodes) for only $10.
I believe that will cover the two video tapes and postage needed. If
you're intersted, please respond by private E-mail

Also, if it's been a decade since you've seen "Watership Down", I think I
should tell you that they released it on video from Warner Bros. Home Video.
I noticed that screen shot from the movie are also available for downlaod

My FTP site is now active. It only contains my Sonic short stories now,
but, soon, it will have screen shots from, "Sonic the Hedgehog", "The
Secret of NIMH", and "Watership Down". The address is /users/r/rotor

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