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> Only a few supplements for the fAQ;
> -------------------- chew along dotted line ------------------------

Thanks for the additions...

I typed that up quickly in one night. After looking it over it could use
some editing. Also, that other guy (Dan) had come up with his own Sonic
FAQ listing which seems overall more complete. At least I answered the
infamous "when does Sonic's legs become those swirly things" question.

> Sonic's Speed Settings (From Sonic Miniseries #0)
> 7 Sonic Spin Dash: Let's not neglect my Sonic Spin - I can buzz through
> anything!

I don't know why I didn't include this line.

> Q: What color is Sally's hair?
> :
> :
> Sally _had_ pink fur and brunette hair in the sathurday morning TV
> episode 'Heads or Tails'

I remember that 'Heads or Tails' episode.. I gotta re-watch it. I don't
recall the color changes but I DO recall that it was one of the only episodes
where Tails actually flew (in the first season). Didn't it also have lots of
minor differences such as:
  No Nicole... Sally used some other computer
  Rotor was the big 'eating machine'
  The robots weren't the same as in other episodes
  Sonic with his guitar
  Robotnic's plan was overall pretty silly (Hedgehog-seeking missle?)
The episode also introduced what happened to Uncle Chuck and Muttski.

My guess is it was a 'pilot' episode before they worked out what they wanted
to do with the series. Can anyone confirm that?

> Q: Why is Miles Prower called Tails?
> :
> :
> I believe they wanted to do something like a 'word joke' with that
> name: Miles Prower -> miles per hour

Another note.. I FINALLY got this 'Miles Prower -> Miles PerHour' joke
(about an hour or two before getting your e-mail).

> A. Sanasi

And now for something completely different: Who is that purple guy in the
Sonic 'Triple Trouble' (for Game Gear) game and how come we haven't seen
him anywhere else?

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