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Only a few supplements for the fAQ;

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>>Fun info!

Sonic's Speed Settings (From Sonic Miniseries #0)

7 Sonic Spin Dash: Let's not neglect my Sonic Spin - I can buzz through

RobotniK's Rules (From Sonic #3)
1 No singing
2 No laughing
3 No reading
4 No cute animals
5 No dancing
6 No live plants

>>Questions and Answers!

Q: What color is Sally's hair?

A: Good question!
    In Sonic Miniseries 0 it was blond with red fur.
    In Sonic Miniseries 1-3 and Sonic 1-15 she's a brunette with pink fur.
    Sonic 16 and after she's a red-head with brown fur, just like on TV.
    (They explained the color changes in SonicGrams #16; Archie writers had
    little material to base her on until the TV series came out)

    Sally _had_ pink fur and brunette hair in the sathurday morning TV
    episode 'Heads or Tails'

Q: Why is Miles Prower called Tails?

A: Its a nickname. He prefers Tails over Miles (wouldn't you?)

    I believe they wanted to do something like a 'word joke' with that
    name: Miles Prower -> miles per hour

Q: How old is Sonic?

A: Back in SonicGrams #7 Sonic didn't want to reveal his age, but he
    eventually said he was 15 (SonicGrams #16 and #18)

    It was Ben Fraser, Cranbrook, BC who said it. To my opinion the
    editors just fell for it because they didn't know any better and
    the argument that Ben saw Sonics age in a chapter book sounded

Q: How old is Tails?

A: Somewhere I heard he was 4 (perhaps a Sega Vision's magazine.. I
    couldn't find it in SonicGrams) but a recent TV episode said he's 10.
    This seems a bit more plausable given Tail's personality.

    The manual for the game 'Sonic the Hedgehog II' says that Tails is six
    and a half years old (of course, the age of a character is nothing
    that is fixed forever...)

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