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> I remember that 'Heads or Tails' episode.. I gotta re-watch it. I don't
> recall the color changes but I DO recall that it was one of the only episodes
> where Tails actually flew (in the first season). Didn't it also have lots of
> minor differences such as:
> No Nicole... Sally used some other computer
> Rotor was the big 'eating machine'
> The robots weren't the same as in other episodes
> Sonic with his guitar
> Robotnic's plan was overall pretty silly (Hedgehog-seeking missle?)
> The episode also introduced what happened to Uncle Chuck and Muttski.
> My guess is it was a 'pilot' episode before they worked out what they wanted
> to do with the series. Can anyone confirm that?

That episode was remarkably similar to the comic book. My guess is that
it was the pilot episode, and the look of it and the plotline were lifted
straight from the Archie comic. ABC sent it back and told them to write
the rest for an older age bracket. (this is all just theory here) So DIC
went ahead, wrote the "game robots" (buzz bomber and the like) out of the
plot and redid the look. I don't mind in the least.

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