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Hiyas. Wow. We're off to a big start here aren't we (re: This list)
Anyway. Last night I went through all the Sonic comic books I had and
compiled the beginnings of what could be a FAQ list.

Before I get to it I wanted to make a few comments on what I've seen so far.

Alessandro Sanasi: Don't worry about your English, its fine... also, you
  mentioned a comic book by Fleetway Publications. I never heard of it
  before. I also don't have anything to view ANSI graphics.. Hrm

Jeffery Pegnato: Its true she doesn't have your typical squirrel tail
  (some ground squirrels have short tails) but I really can't envision her
  as a fox (well.. as a vulpine species). I personally think she was
  adopted or daughter by marriage.

List manager guy Majordomo: The address to mail to the list is kinda hidden
  in the welcome file. Also, unless people provide .sigs with their e-mail
  address the mail headers I get don't have the return address. ELM will
  attempt to send the mail to the whole list if I simply hit 'r' to reply.
  Is there a way to fix this from your end? I've seen it done before but
  know next to zero about setting up a mailing list?

Sally's Vest & Species posts: I like the vest. Gives her a bit more class.
  As for her species and the age of sonic.. I have some info about that in
  my FAQ list.

Sonic Action Figures: I haven't found any. I have found two types of
  plush sonics though (one from Sears and another I find in a videogame
  store.. Plush Tails too however I don't think his tails are big enough :)
  Mark Young.. that videogame store seems to still keep the plush sonics
  in stock [Its a chain called 'Software Etc.']

Tails's 2nd Tail: The most plausable idea I've come up with is he's a
  post-nuclear (or post-robotnik-pollution) mutant although SonicGrams in
  the comic book has a few others [see the FAQ list].

Mark Young:
Other comments... I've seen both the Weekday and ABC weekend series (although
Madison only gets the weekend series) and I prefer the weekend series by
far. Probably because it takes everything way too seriously alot. :)

Yo Ratman! You're absolutely right. Rotor looks more like an ugly plush
toy than a walrus. Bring back the old style Rotor! Antione is really
annoying too. The Princess Sally Miniseries #1 intro said Antione is
around for his military skills... Well, why don't they portray THAT once
in a while (have him at least do 'something' good for the group even if he's
a klutz and a fraidy-cat).

Hrm. This letter is getting pretty long. I'm going to send the FAQ as a
separate file.

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