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>Last night I went through all the Sonic comic books I had and
>compiled the beginnings of what could be a FAQ list.

Suggested format for comics summary:

Issue #:
Plot summary:
Key character developments:
Key story developments:
Conflicts/agreements with Sat. AM show:
Quasi-canonical statements from the letters page:

_That_ ought to keep you busy for a while :^)

>Sally's Vest & Species posts: I like the vest. Gives her a bit more class.

Agreed. Now if only the comic would color her nose black instead of that
annoying blue...

> As for her species and the age of sonic.. I have some info about that in
> my FAQ list.

I suspect this will end up being a "why ask what?" category :^)

>Tails's 2nd Tail: The most plausable idea I've come up with is he's a
> post-nuclear (or post-robotnik-pollution) mutant although SonicGrams in
> the comic book has a few others [see the FAQ list].

Somebody (in r.a.a. maybe?) noted that the opening theme seems to have two
different versions, one in which a certain furry is seen, and one in which
he isn't. I don't know about that, but the ones I've seen indicate that
it's Tails with one _large_ tail. Hmm, also, they're shown at their
current ages, not the ones in Blast to the Past; oops, another continuity
glitch... :^)

Then there's the suggestion (again, I forget by whom) that the giant foxbot
seen in the opening credits is one of Tails' parents...

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