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From: Alessandro Sanasi <>
Date: 10 Feb 1995 06:59:00 +0100

> Hiyas. Wow. We're off to a big start here aren't we (re: This list)
> Anyway. Last night I went through all the Sonic comic books I had and
> compiled the beginnings of what could be a FAQ list.
> Alessandro Sanasi: Don't worry about your English, its fine... also, you
> mentioned a comic book by Fleetway Publications. I never heard of it
> before. I also don't have anything to view ANSI graphics.. Hrm

ANSI is not a graphics file format. It's something like a con-driver or
display-driver. Let me explain:

When you want to display a short textfile on your screen (hope
you are using a DOS machine) you just write 'TYPE FILENAME' or
'COPY FILENAME > CON' at the DOS prompt and the text will be
displayed on your screen.

An ANSI file is nothing else but a textfile containing some characters of
the actual charset. But the ANSI codes that are added to each character
allow it to give them different colors. When this is cleverly arranged, it
produces a picture like ASCII-art, but with color in it.

To view the file I sent to you, just copy it to the screen. It's as simple
as that. If your computer doesn't support ANSI, try looking for ANSI.SYS
in your DOS directory, insert the line 'DEVICE=ANSI.SYS' in your
CONFIG.SYS file, boot your computer and try again.

Best wishes

A. Sanasi
You get what anyone gets. You get a lifetime.

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