Re: StH 04 Feb 95

From: Jeffrey Pegnato <>
Date: Sun, 05 Feb 1995 16:56:45 +0500

>Did either of you watch yesterday morning? That was the first episode of
>the cartoon I saw. It was good to come back to it as I now understand
>what was happening much better, and I know that's not really a typical
>episode (we didn't see much of Robotnik or his 'bots). I still don't
>like their use of a dual title card. Both this time and last time, I
>didn't realize the first segment was over until a few minutes into the
>second one. Seperate title cards would have fixed that problem.

This was one of 2 episodes which have 2shows in one. Coincidentally, they
are both about Antoine and they are both very annoying(IMHO).
I wish I knew WHY Antoine keeps becoming more and more of a main character...
he has almost no redeeming qualities! If he is ever going to become an
character in my book, he's going to have to accomplish something useful
(besides screwing up Freedom Fighter missions)

>It was a change to see Antoine get so hysterical rather than just collapse
>like he usually would do when overanxious. Too bad the female robot didn't
>make him any more aware of what Sally must feel like when he pursues
>her. Anyone know what Sonic's chili dog recipe is?(g)

A change? better watch more of the show before you say that ;)

This last week's show was just fluff. Nothing happened to expand upon the
plot, and
was probably used for the sole purpose of filling time.

Final: I wouldn't mind A show dedicated to expanding on Antoine's character,
but 4!
         c'mon, the writers must have better ideas than this...
P.S. - I don't like Antoine very much. <REALLY?>

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