Re: Kat Nation FAA?

From: chance <>
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 1996 20:14:09 -0700

>> BTW, is there a "FAA" or something like that in the Kat world?
> I specify Kat Nation because the Kat's FAA would probably only be for one
>country, whichever one MegaKat City resides in.
> I don't really know any more about this than Edo does, but since we saw an
>airliner in Cry Turmoil, the news chopper, and there's MASA, I guess there'd
>have to be one - The Enforcer Air division in itself wouldn't be enough.
>Anyone who knows more about the real FAA care to draw some parallels?

Speaking of that, if anyone's in a *really* anal mood, try check the various
airborne craft for the slightest hint of a registration number. In the US, these
begin with "N" ( 'N128958' etc), and in Canada they begin with "CF" ('CF-FSTW').
Next time you see a major production using aircraft that purports to be in some
generic Pacific Northwest city, check the reg. numbers on the underside. I can
almost guarantee that they won't be "N-<something>"!
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