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On Mon, 29 Apr 1996, Razor wrote:
>Edo: Does this mean that SWAT Kats is an anime?
>Depends on how you define "anime." If it's simply being animated by a
>Japanese studio, then the second-season SWAT Kats episodes more than
>qualify since they were all animated by Mook.

How about if an animations that has those "anime" features, is it an anime or not?

>If, OTOH (see definition for "OTOH" in the FAQ),

I know, On The Other Hand, but WRT is rarely use (I never saw that abbreviation before). Besides, in my latest version of the SK FAQ, the word WRT isn't in it.

>"anime" refers to something animated entirely in Japan
>and *initially* recorded in Japanese (such as Space Cruiser Yamato aka Star
>Blazers and Macross aka Robotech), then the Kats are *not* "anime".

Intially, does this mean that it was first recorded in Japanese?

Now a question. Are the Power Puff Girls an anime or not?

>The Kats episodes, especially second-season, contain elements that you'd
>typically find in anime, such as the 360-degree camera pan when Razor
>suits up and the scenery rushing by at a high-speed blur (cf. "A Bright
>and Shiny Future").

Don't forget every scene when ever a missile is heading its target.

>BTW, the summary for "A Bright and Shiny Future" can be found on
>(which should hopefully explain why the episode was titled the way it was).

But why it was called "Bright and Shiny Future" by the people on this list?

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