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Date: Thu, 25 Apr 1996 00:55:41 -0800

Administrivia: I agree with Ratman on not posting fanfiction to the list.
Unless you want a flurry of Kat fans, particularly lurkers, dropping off
the list, don't post anything larger than ~6K to the list. Don't forget
that you can upload to either or (unless the rules have
been changed on uploading to

An alternative would be to create a specific Kats mailing list (perhaps
going through netcom, or maybe setting something on rat, tho I don't know
how privy Ratman is to doing that) for files and fanfiction. This was done
on the Disney TV Animation mailing list (three parallel lists were run,
although it's down to just one now) and I see it as a possibility for the
Kats list. However, whether or not it happens, it does NOT mean the Kats
list or digest will die (or hopefully not, at least!).

OK, unpleasantries aside...

Wednesday's Kats ep was "The Dark Side of the SWAT Kats," and one thing I
noticed, which is probably more of an animation glitch than anything else,
was that Felina arrests T-Bone and Razor *with their Glovatrixes on*. Not
only would I imagine it hard to properly put the cuffs on the Kats that
way, but what would be the point of arresting the Kats with their
Glovatrixes when they could easily get out of their jail cell with 'em?

The FAQ: I'm going to update the FAQ as soon as I can, prolly by the time
of the next digest. I received some email from someone who said he tried
to write the company directly WRT the posters (American Arts & Graphics
Inc) and was told that they don't deal directly with the consumers --
meaning that if you don't have a poster and would like to get ahold of one,
you'd have to go through a local poster shop and have them order the poster
for you from that company. But I'll keep the info (address and identifying
# on the poster) so you can relay the info to your poster shop.

Well, that's it for now. Until later...

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