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>Now that we on the subject of World War 2 and the planes that was used on that war, when do the kats have their transition from propeller to jet anyway?

Hmm. Hard to tell when the Kats would've done it, but generally, most major
advances in aviation tend to occur in the buildup to, or during,Wars of varying
descriptions (speeded research and development, you see, with budgets to match!).

Ed'll undoubtedly correct me, but in our World (though jet experiments were
underway in the twenties), the first *production* fighters were, I think, the
Gloster Meteor and the Messerschmitt Me-262 - both entering production
late in WWII. Many believe that Germany started the war *with* ready-to-use
Jet technology (friends even claim to have plans similar to the Me-262 dated
1937!), but for the purposes of history - call it 1945. (The Brits were using
Meteors to intercept and "flip" the Feisler 103 V-1 "Buzz Bombs" with
their wings - causing the gyroscopes in the things to flip their lids, and the
drone to dive into the Channel).

I can't help but think one of two things WRT the Kats crew using "Megawar II"
instead of "Megawar I" to allow for biplanes:

1) Genuine ignorance of our aviation history as respects the World Wars (highly unlikely)
2) That perhaps the inference is that the Kats culture is somehow inherently more
     combative than ours, and they had *two* Global conflicts prior to monoplanes
     as opposed to our one. (Though we had lots of little ones to 'keep our hand in'!)
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