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From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 96 17:32:10 EDT

>>>_at_@@hhh...not quite. It looks like MegaWarII is closer to our World War I.
>>>Remember the biplanes in "Ghost Pilot"? Biplanes were only used as trainers
>>>and torpedo bombers in WWII - they were long-dead as fighter aircraft.
>>Unless of course you leave out the British Gloster Gladiator and
>>Italian Fiat CR.42, which both saw service as fighters in the war
>>(due to a lack of anything better). But Chance is right.
>Eh...I thought the Spanish Civil War was the end of the Fiat in front-line
>use, and I think the Brits pretty much wrote the Gladiator off in 1938 - just
>in time for the Hawker Hurricane. But yeah, I did forget about those
>entirely (and to make it worse, I have this kinda block that always
>makes me mentally confuse the Gladiator with the Fairey Swordfish.
>I'll get better). Stay tuned for more "Wings", on PBS...

Well, both the Fiat and the Gloster were supposed to have been
written off in favor of more modern aircraft, but the war intervened
before replacement of both was complete. So they both saw limited
service at the beginning of the war (only).

>>So perhaps MW1 was the equivalent of one of the wars from the
>>1850-1880 period on Earth. That being the case, did/do the Kats have
>>the equivalent of horses, like we do? They might very well have had
>>the steamships and railroads needed for strategic mobility, but
>>there is a need for horses for tactical transport, cavalry
>>(kavalry?), and moving artillery around.
>Now *there's* a good flashback for ancestors - though I think most 'States-bound
>writers would opt for the 1862-ish American Civil War in terms of the public
>familiarity angle. I think most folks would expect to find "Crimea" in a box of Crayolas.

Well, I wasn't ruling out the ACW, but it was after all a domestic
affair, whereas Crimea was fought far away from home for moost of
the involved parties, and the question was about a world-war-ish

I'm still wondering if there are horse-equivalents in the Kat world


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