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From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 96 14:28:28 EDT

>>Hey, that sounds kinda like a MWII story Courtney *was* writing (I don't
>>what happened to it, I think it kinda died . . .) but yeah, it was a lot
>>like that. Hey, anybody wanna try writing that into a fanfic? (If no one
>>wants to, I can give it a shot, but I don't know that much about WWII, which
>>MWII was based on, so my stuff might be slightly off)
>_at_@@hhh...not quite. It looks like MegaWarII is closer to our World War I.
>Remember the biplanes in "Ghost Pilot"? Biplanes were only used as trainers
>and torpedo bombers in WWII - they were long-dead as fighter aircraft.

Unless of course you leave out the British Gloster Gladiator and
Italian Fiat CR.42, which both saw service as fighters in the war
(due to a lack of anything better). But Chance is right.

If the Kats MW2 is like our WW1, then what was their MW1 like? I
used to thing that before our WW1 there was no capability to fight
on a world scale, but (given limitations) The Seven Years War/
French and Indian War was on three continents, and the Crimean was
fought quite a distance from France and Britain, and pretty far from
the center of power in Russia.

So perhaps MW1 was the equivalent of one of the wars from the
1850-1880 period on Earth. That being the case, did/do the Kats have
the equivalent of horses, like we do? They might very well have had
the steamships and railroads needed for strategic mobility, but
there is a need for horses for tactical transport, cavalry
(kavalry?), and moving artillery around.

>>Speaking of WWII, it started cuz of Hitler and his Nazis, right? What d'you
>>think caused MWII? Maybe some feline equal of Hitler goin' around killing,
>>oh, say, Persian cats? I dunno.
>"Ve didn't start did!"
>"Yes you did! You invaded Poland!" (with apologies to "Fawlty Towers")
>We don't want to get into this, but WWII was the result of the Axis powers
>deciding to flex their military might and acquire "lebensraum", or "living space",
>at the expense of adjacent sovereign nations. You *could* technically work
>something like this into a Kats plot, but it'd be hard to resolve in 22 minutes,
>would make WWII apologists *scream*, and would force an *awful* lot
>of screen time to be devoted to the development of a suitable antagonist and
>the foreign country they hail from. So far, we've only had the "Siamese Investors",
>and the vaguely Teutonic "Ghost Pilot".

Which brings up an interesting point: given that the Siamese are on
very obviously amicable terms with MegaKat City, and given that the
Red Lynx seemed to be of the same "race" as the MegaKat-tians, who
might the opponent have been? For that matter, could a Kat arriving
on Earth today be able to tell who fought who in WW2?

>Oh, and for shame! "Who is Saigon"? Don't they have PBS in Mr. Rogers
>Neighbourhood? (BTW, Saigon was the capitol city of RVN - The Republic

Kids these days! :)


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