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From: Frank Fuller <>
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 1996 00:38:26 -0500

>>>_at_@@hhh...not quite. It looks like MegaWarII is closer to our World War I.
>>>Remember the biplanes in "Ghost Pilot"? Biplanes were only used as trainers
>>>and torpedo bombers in WWII - they were long-dead as fighter aircraft.
>>Unless of course you leave out the British Gloster Gladiator and
>>Italian Fiat CR.42, which both saw service as fighters in the war
>>(due to a lack of anything better). But Chance is right.
>Eh...I thought the Spanish Civil War was the end of the Fiat in front-line
>use, and I think the Brits pretty much wrote the Gladiator off in 1938 - just
>in time for the Hawker Hurricane. But yeah, I did forget about those
>entirely (and to make it worse, I have this kinda block that always
>makes me mentally confuse the Gladiator with the Fairey Swordfish.
>I'll get better). Stay tuned for more "Wings", on PBS...

I thought "Wings" was on the Discovery Channel, not PBS :)

Frank Fuller
Proud to be a Swat Kats fan at nearly 22 :)

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