RE: SwatKats SNES game ...

From: Matthew O. Weber <>
Date: Sat, 06 Apr 96 07:05:00 PDT

>RE: the SNES game - I lucked out a few weeks ago...Toys'r'Us was
>out (big time) their video game selections and I managed to pick up the
>game for 9.95 (plus 7% GST +11% PST.....) but still a bargain.
>I've only gotten through one world, but I've enjoyed the game so far
>boy, did my thumbs hurt trying to get out of one level!)

ARGH! I haven't been able to find it anywhere! TRU, FunCoLand, nowhere!

I don't suppose some kind soul would be willing to pick me up a copy and
send it off? Either from Canada or the US -- I'm not picky.. I'll just
need help with the conversion rates. :)


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