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From: Leet Wai Leong Simon <sleet_at_pacific.net.sg>
Date: Sun, 21 Apr 1996 11:33:14 +0800

At 09:49 PM 4/20/96 -0400, you wrote:
>RE: the SNES game - I lucked out a few weeks ago...Toys'r'Us was clearing
>out (big time) their video game selections and I managed to pick up the SK
>game for 9.95 (plus 7% GST +11% PST.....) but still a bargain.
>I've only gotten through one world, but I've enjoyed the game so far (but,
>boy, did my thumbs hurt trying to get out of one level!)

Hate to break it to you, but the reason why the game goes so cheap is
because it's one of the lowest rated games around (unfortunately) and it
received very little advanced publicity so half the world doesn't know about
it. Yet another ploy by Tedco. to discredit the Kats after the toy line I'd
say :P

-Simon Leet :)
-Simon Leet :)

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