Re: What'd they do with those voice tracks anyway?

From: Ryan Kelley <>
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 1996 21:45:39 -0700

> Hmmm.....Maybe if i can get at least one of the scripts for it, i
>could make a comic book, or I could animate it, maybe,

Blowout is an unused script. That one would work!

> 12-15fps max, with
>some good shading, too. (I shade like Mook).

Cool! I shade like Soishinsha (The people who make A-ko [1-4. 5&6 don't
count due to crappy animation])
And yes, my spelling's wrong!

> Or, I could animate via
>computer. (Anyone know of an animation program with 640x480 res. or
>higher with 256 colors or more, where you can draw your own characters???)

If you do, tell me where it is!
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