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Date: Sat, 20 Apr 1996 15:46:49 -0400

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>>I just watched The Origin of Dr. Viper, and noticed a serious nitpick in it.
>>Did anyone else notice that they used 2nd season equipment in this episode?
>>Considering the episode, the events in it were pre-1st season. Yet they used
>>the jet pack and the more advanced 2nd season Glovatrix... That, IMHO, is a
>>serious error, and is a very noticable one.
>Yeah, I noticed that to. Very annoying. And also, where did those kinda
>training rooms come from? It's a good episode, granted, but I mean, really,
>it's very obviously *not* first-season.
>>Frank Fuller

Count me in! An error to be sure, but we have to cut them some slack. After all,
the teams of guys designing these episodes varied, and we can't expect EVERY
guy (or gal) to know EVERY detail about the difference in seasons. Yeah, but
someone should have caught that.

Something I like about SKs that bothered me in this episode:
  Aside from some wild stuff, SWAT Kats is a basically logical show. I mean,
it IS logical that a pair of expert ex-enforcers could build their own jet
from scrap metal (well, it's not THAT far of the mark . . .). The hanger
could have easily been there all ready as some base people had forgotten
about. Technology wise, except for "When Strikes the Mutilor" where the SKs
took their little space flight (which I thought was ridiculious, Razor's
smart but no MASA scientist), the Turbokat is basically believable,
considering all the other high tech stuff we all ready see in the city.
   So the show's reasonably believable.
   So where the hell did that training room come from? We saw LEVELS AND
LEVELS of endless tunnels and shooting galleries. Come on, no base is THAT
big, and they're not exactly fighting in some alley in the city with no one
noticing or getting shot in the background. Even if the hanger WAS that big,
then that meant when it was originally used as a base, the operations
handled there would have been so big and so key to the war or whatever they
were using it for, SOMEONE would have remembered it. My theory is it was an
extra secret setup only a few people knew about anyway, and after those
people where killed or injured, it was forgotten. That means it was a
reasonably small operation.
  From what we see, I guess the hanger is only about 2 levels:
    1-A small ladder leading down from the garage. The main base, with all
the equipment, training stuff, and where the Turbokat is stored.
    2-When in use, the Turbokat drops down a floor to the lower (and less
used) level, where the runway is set up to launch out through the opening on
ground level. Note: in "Metal Urgency" our guys use this to their advantage,
dropping the Turbokat down on the Metallikats. Having a different level for
the actual takeoff and runway also probably helps keep engine exhaust from
clogging up the upper level with their stuff.

                 just me 2 cents . . .

                        Dr. Jake

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