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>> Aside from some wild stuff, SWAT Kats is a basically logical show. I mean,
>>it IS logical that a pair of expert ex-enforcers could build their own jet
>>from scrap metal (well, it's not THAT far of the mark . . .).
>> Dr. Jake
>If you remember "The Wrath of Dark Kat", where they have a flashback from
>the day they were kicked off the enforcers, they said it was 'military
>salvage' that they built the jet out ot, not just random scrap metal. Just
>for clarity's sake.

Yup. Originally the "Megakat City Scrap Yard" was exactly that: a kind of
glorified garbage dump that represented the lowest possible assignment that
could be given a pair of disgraced civic employees. The design team consisting
of Eric Clark, Tony Sgroi, Lance Falk, Christian and Yvon Tremblay and a
few others hashed it around and decided that it'd be a lot more interesting
if the "Scrap Yard" could be transformed into a "Salvage Yard"; enabling the
Kitties to have access to all that nifty stuff that the Military-Industrial complex
heaves overboard on a daily basis.

BTW, you wouldn't *believe* the stuff that the Military chucks out. Turbokat
parts winding up alongside empty tins of MegaKatFood isn't that much of a
stretch. We were stripping army Jeeps at Malmstrom AFB in Great Falls, MO,
and the electronic gear that was lying around in the snow outside awaiting a
date with the dumpster was not to be believed! We scrounged four 40 amp
24V power supplies that had been in an EC-130, and once we shook the
dirt out of the things, they worked perfectly. These are $600.00 items on the
street. One of my co-consipirators has the scrap contract for the local
Army Base, and the stuff winding up even in *our* dump could make up
some very expensive surveillance gear - and not too few heavy weapons

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