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From: Kevin L. Knoles <>
Date: Sun, 14 Apr 1996 13:32:26 -0500 (CDT)

> When I was posting all the katstuff to rec.arts.animation that kinda got me
> in trouble, I had an argument with someone who was a knowledgeable

    What kind of trouble?

> animation fan, but dismissed the Kats as "just more toy-driven
> action-adventure drek" (or similar). This individual and I had words back

    Yeah, about as Toy-driven as Star Trek.

> and forth over the issue, then we had this lapse of several months. Out of
> the blue, this Kats detractor e-mails me with "I just saw 'Deadly Pyramid'.
> Forget anything nasty I ever said about 'SwatKats'".

    I not only remember that follow-up, but I'm the one who made the post that
started it (Yeah, more bragging.) I think it was back before I ever posted to
the list or even saved my mail. I said some things about SK's being better
than many folks may realize with the thinking being that some may have
been judging the series as a whole on the basis of a their solitary veiwing of
The Giant Bacteria, or judging the animation on the basis of Hanho's worst
work. The post was rough, but it got my points across, one of which was that
Mook's aniamtion was spectacular, without an equal on TV. In the follow-up,
the poster argued that - get this - Baby Huey and The Tick had better
animation. I countered and I think that was the end of it on the usenet.

    Chance was kind enough to tell me of that E-mail via snail mail, but I seem
to recall the episode that that person saw was Mutation City, not TDP. Just
out of curiousity, which was it?

> Also, (and I know this person won't mind an innocuous quote) it seems that
> certain production people realized they'd created something head-and-shoulders
> above the "ultra toony monochromed" stuff H-B was infamous for:
> "No matter what happened to SWAT Kats later on, what we did will probably be
> remembered for quite a while."

    Yep, SWAT Kats may be cancelled, but the show has been imortalized as the
best thing H-B has done, action-adventure or otherwise.

> I doubt the same could be said for any of the WPT's.
> (P.S. don't e-mail and ask who the quote is from please. I can't answer.)

    And I say in a musical tone "I know who it is" =->

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