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Date: Sat, 13 Apr 1996 21:28:10 -0700

>I just thought I'd bring this up again because of something I noticed.
> I've expressed this before: in all my fanfic, Hackle is Jake's father. I
>really don't see why the writers didn't see the connection. They're both
>genuises, they both design weapons (well, one did when he was younger) and
>they both have trademark sideburns that no one else in the show has (or
>should have) the honor of bearing.

Wait...Razor has *sideburns*??! Who knew? Honestly, I've looked at the
dude pretty closely on a couple of eps, and can't recall anything smacking
of Elvis - young or old.

Canya give us a hint as to what scene(s) you might be a-thinkin' of?

("Just trim the fur Floyd, and don't touch the sideburns. Thankya...thankya verra much..")

..guess the medication's wearing off...
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