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I just thought I'd bring this up again because of something I noticed.
  I've expressed this before: in all my fanfic, Hackle is Jake's father. I
really don't see why the writers didn't see the connection. They're both
genuises, they both design weapons (well, one did when he was younger) and
they both have trademark sideburns that no one else in the show has (or
should have) the honor of bearing.

  Anyway, I was watching "A Bright and Shiny Future" yesterday and I
couldn't help but noticing this. In the future, where Hackle is somehow
still alive and his beard is SOMEHOW yellow (I guess they couldn't make it
any whiter than it already was), there's a scene after Cally and Manx are
taken in the van-thing where Razor and Hackle have some dialogue (when he
says, "Once an inventor, always an inventor"). Now of course it's not
exactly father-son, but you'll notice if you watch it again that the
coloring of their fur is almost exactly the same shade. One of the things I
definitely like about Mook is he uses a different color for Razor (except in
"SKs Unplugged). Razor has more tanish, mellow colored fur with Mook,
especially in the second season. Orange is nice, but not always that
realistic. In "Bright and Shiny" which had some of the best Mook stuff
(aside from "Deadly Pyramid obviously, but that was a different style),
diffenitely let their similarites shine through.

                               Dr. Jake

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